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NEW! (May 2010)

Follow Your Art  Roberta’s Comic Trips

Humorous and enlightening travel stories drawn as comics, about some of the places Roberta’s creativity has taken her, and of the people who helped make this possible. Cross-country train travel, road trips through California and the Midwest, overseas to Sweden, Portugal and Spain (and a road trip there as well) and 29 pages about the natural and cultural wealth of the Pacific Northwest! 102 pages, 64 never-before-published.

$14.00         ISBN: 0-9619652-4-X 

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Bitchy Strips!

Collection of the BEST of the Bitchy weekly strips which ran in The Seattle Weekly, Portland’s Willamette Week and other weeklies, during the late 1990s. These are the strips which run here on the Bitchy page as “The Strip of the Month,” but you can read them all at once in this inexpensive book which I published several years ago. 72 pages.


Naughty Bits comic books

Yes, most of these 24-page comic books are still available from me, but once they’re gone, they’re gone (and some are in short supply). Don’t miss out! Most of these comics are written for Mature Readers, so don’t order if you are offended by “language” and the occasional boob.  Sold in multiples (your choice) please.

Email me separately to indicate which issues you want.


Five assorted: $10


Twelve assorted:  $20


Twenty assorted:  $30 

All available issues:  $40  

Bitchy Collections

Like the Naughty Bits above, these books were published by Fantagraphics. Each is about 100 pages. I am selling some of these myself, at least for now. Also Like the comic books, they are written for Mature Readers. College Daze and Work and Play each contain a three-part longer story that reads like a graphic novel. Each also has a story created just for the collection.


Bitchy’s College Daze   $10  

Bitchy Butch, World’s Angriest Dyke   $10   

At Work and Play with Bitchy Bitch   $10  

Burn, Bitchy, Burn!   $10  


Life’s a Bitch  (272 pages)     $17  

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Real Cat Toons

This minicomic collection of my new and reprint cat comics was originally put together as a fund raiser for my kitty’s vet bills. Now I think of it as the first incarnation of True Cat Toons.  Read all about Pushkin, read my Eisner-nominated (Best Short Story) “Bye-Bye Muffy”, meet Purrrzac, read all about “mad” Victorian cat artist Louis Wain, and more. 24 pages. 

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Sheila and the Unicorn

A humorous story told in comic strips, about a woman who’s not terribly happy and the Unicorn who comes into her life and tries to cheer her up. Suitable for all ages, though it will probably bore youngsters. Also can be seen as a fable about dysfunctional relationships, too. 72 pages.

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Winging It: Books One and Two

These are two volumes of a graphic novel I wrote and illustrated between 1984 and 1999. Where to begin....The epic starts when the protagonist attempts suicide and starts a chain of events that involves this world, the one right NEXT to ours (though we don’t know it), and worlds far away from here. Some people have told me they think it is one of the greatest things they have ever read and some people--well, just don’t know WHAT to make of it. The story involves elements that are playing out on a big scale in my Mother Mountain epic, and have made their way into other work of mine. The volumes are ten years apart and look like they were drawn (and published) by two different people. Perhaps they WERE. More suitable for mature readers.

READ MORE HERE!   Winging It One- 150 pgs  $10 

                                    Winging It Two- 100 pgs  $9 

                                    BOTH for only $15  

Dynamite Damsels

Yes, this is the very first comic book I created, back in 1976, and some of the original 10,000 copies are still around--for now. A humorous (and quaintly-drawn) snapshot into the early days of the second wave of feminism, I tell the story of the idealistic Frieda Phelps, who finds her “consciousness raised” in more ways than one. Fondly remembered by many who bought it back in the day, so don’t miss out on the chance to get your own copy. They are rare, so I am charging a cover price of $5 rather than the “dollar” on the cover.

32 pages, $5    

Sorry, sold out!

Sorry, sold out!