You can send an EMAIL to Roberta. (This is a link!)

Note: If you encounter a problem with this link, use: robertag1953 {at} gmail {dotcom}

IMPORTANT! Roberta has a NEW mailing address! She has had the Box-27438-Seattle-98165 (OR -25 previously) one for over twenty years, and it is on almost everything she has published since 1990, but please use this NEW one now, for any non-electronic correspondence. Thanks!

Roberta Gregory

PO Box 9599

Seattle, WA 98109 USA

To order Roberta’s books and comics by mail, please send check or money order to the above address.

Prices of the books are followed by postage and handling for the US and Canada--if it seems way off, I will adjust them. (I just can NOT keep up with the price of postage!) People ordering from overseas, please send an email first, thanks!

Follow Your Art:  $14

Bitchy Strips: $7

Naughty Bits Comics: 5 assorted: $10

Naughty Bits Comics: 12 assorted: $20

Naughty Bits Comics: 20 assorted: $30

All currently available NB Comics:  $40

Bitchy’s College Daze: $10

Bitchy Butch: $10

Work and Play: $10

Burn, Bitchy, Burn: $10

Life’s a Bitch: $17

Real Cat Toons: $5

Sheila and the Unicorn: $5

Dynamite Damsels: $5

Winging It 1: $10

Winging It 2 $9

Both: $15

ADD Postage and handling:

For orders $15 and under:

US-- $4

Canada-- $8

For orders up to $30:

US-- $7

Canada-- $12

For orders up to $50:

US-- $10

Canada-- $20

For orders over $50:

US-- $12

Canada-- $28