The book includes several pages about my Very Fine Cat, Pushkin. He was certainly a “cat-above” most ordinary felines. I hope you’ll find him as intriguing as I have.

You can read Pushkin’s “ghost story” here.


I am collecting people’s TRUE cat stories and illustrating them as 1 to 5 page comics: amazing cats, annoying cats, and beloved cats who deserve to be remembered. Over decades of being owned by cats, I came to feel as if my kitties were intelligent beings who were trying to communicate with me, and I was just too clueless to understand them. At last I think I have picked up a bit of feline knowledge and would love to give back to kitties and their people.

As far as I’m concerned, everyone living with a cat (or several) is an amateur cat behavioral scientist who, I have found, is usually eager to share their insights with the world. And I love drawing these stories, too!

I have just about enough stories for one book, (and still have pages to draw) but could easily do another. If you have a cat tale to tell, please contact me: payment may depend on the publisher (it could be me, it could be someone else), but you will at least get the original drawn page(s) to keep!

Purrrzac is sometimes a challenging cat, although she is beautiful (see strip photo at top). She’s a lucky  kitty, too--I heard that the animal shelter euthanizes kittens who come in with ringworm. So it was a good thing she first met Bruce in the parking lot and never went inside!

You can order my FIRST collection of cat comics, Real Cat Toons, still available. Read about Pushkin and other cats in my life; read my Eisner Award nominated (and moving) story, “Bye-Bye Muffy.” These will also be in True Cat Toons.

Cats are mysterious and intriguing in so many ways-- is that why we (sometimes) put up with their quirks? Your cat does not have to be a hero like Sneakers to rate her own story!

The two stories below will be in True Cat Toons:

Cat Yoga for Humans: taught to me by my Very Fine Cat, Pushkin!

True Cat Toons now has its own WEBSITE and FACEBOOK page. Stop by!