Welcome to my home on the web. Enjoy your visit to my creative world! People ask me what I am up to lately: it will be much easier to just give them my URL and have them see for themselves... so read on!

You can learn about my new works and be able to catch up with just about everything I have produced to date. There’s a LOT!

Current projects are, TRUE CAT TOONS, MOTHER MOUNTAIN (novel AND graphic novel), more FOLLOW YOUR ART -type travel tales, and I am even writing, and soon to draw a BITCHY GRAPHIC NOVEL (no, the lovably cranky ol’ gal is not gone!)--but there is even more waiting in the wings....

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THE CURRENT COMIC -- see below.

In this shot, I am enjoying a cuppa joe at Crater Lake Lodge before hiking up 8,000 foot Mt. Scott. (Back in July 2009)

This Central California seascape (above) is a sight you’ll really only see from the Coast Starlight train route. Read all about these in Follow Your Art!

Roberta Gregory

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If you’d like to read more of my comics, then simply visit the BUY ROBERTA’S BOOKS page (handy ink here!) and click on the READ MORE HERE link for whatever interests you. There, you will get to read all about my creative projects over the years, and read several pages of comics of mine.  (Don’t worry, you won’t have to buy anything by going to that page!)  There’s a lot on this website (over 30 pages) but some of it can only be accessed by links. Happy reading!

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It was a year ago that I was invited to the Midwest Comic Book Association’s SPRINGCON, in the Twin Cities. Here is my account of this adventure! Click on the art below, or HERE to get all three pages!

To read the earlier Current Comics, now in the ARCHIVE, click HERE.

Follow Your Art: Roberta’s Comic Trips

This is my NEWEST book! It includes about 60 never-before-published pages of long-distance train trips, adventures overseas, insights at home, and appreciation of those who have helped make life the creative journey it has been--plus some “old favorite” stories, too.

Follow Your Art can also now be purchased with credit card from the Third Place Press website.

AND of course, you can always buy it directly from ROBERTA!

Older “NEWS”....

2011 is the 35th anniversary of my FIRST comic book, the historic Dynamite Damsels! I have a few copies left, and when they are gone, they are GONE! I do not plan on reprinting this, but as an historic document, it is NOW available on an internet archive for FREE-- HERE is the link!

There is an article about groundbreaking underground comics in the February issue of DIVA magazine, and Damsels is prominently mentioned. Read about it HERE.

ALSO, I have written a short article about it on the Prism Comics website. Here is the LINK for this one.

I have a two page story in the latest Not My Small Diary anthology (#16). Here is the LINK! (I will soon be in #17, too!)

Visit my other websites: True Cat Toons (true cat comics).

Also, The Landis Review (our new publishing company--which is seriously out of date, unfortunately).

            Bitchy Strip

Bitchy decides to be healthy....sort of!


2011 was a historic year!

It was the 20th anniversary of my Fantagraphics series Naughty Bits (40 issues from 1991-2004). Now is a good time to stock up on comics and the collections while they’re still available. Best of all, copies of A Bitch is Born, the first collection, thought to be out of print, have shown up, so it is available on a limited basis. I don’t even have them on the Buy Roberta’s Books page yet

UPDATE!   Follow Your Art is NO LONGER Roberta’s newest book! The Print on Demand version of TRUE CAT TOONS is up and running and ready for your PURRR-usal! 

Details just to the right!

What’s NEW! (March 2014)

The Print-on-Demand edition of Roberta’s True Cat Toons collection is NOW AVAILABLE! Get it HERE from Lulu.

Or you can get one from Roberta. Details on True Cat Toons page.

After many years, I am so happy to have the first edition of this wonderful book available for readers! (Not to mention, available to the many great folks who contributed their talents and insights, without whom it would never have been created! Including my book designer, Donna Barr.)

This is only the beginning... My goal is a bookstore-friendly, conventionally published version by the end of this year. (With a retail price less than the $12.95 print on demand cost.) AND I feel bad that there were so many of people’s stories I did not have the time or space for this time around, which are first in line to go into... MORE CAT TOONS (and likely, STILL MORE CAT TOONS...so there is always time to send in your story).

Another project I want to finish is a How To Draw Cats book. I wrote it several years ago, to encourage folks to DRAW, as well as write, about their kitties! And these are only my CAT related projects.....

March 28-30 True Cat Toons will be available at the table (EE-7) I’m sharing with Donna Barr at Emerald City Comic Con, in Seattle. HOWEVER, I will only be there to sign and sketch on FRIDAY all day and SATURDAY MORNING because of my job. But the rest of the weekend, Bruce Taylor will be at the table selling my books and his OWN books, so stop by. I will make up pre-signed, pre-sketched stickers for each Cat Toon book purchased if I am not there. The event is sold out, unfortunately.

April 17-20 I will be at Norwescon for a limited pro attendance (again, because of my job. Sigh. I SO look forward to retiring in June 2015 and getting my life back!) Thursday afternoon, Friday AM/early PM and then all day Sunday. I should have some Cat Toons in the art show, and the book may be available in the Dealer’s Room.

Coming Soon! My NEW Follow Your Art website! I have many NEW pages that were drawn since the book came out in 2010, and you will be able to read them on this site, by late Spring.